The Severity of a Dental Fracture Will Determine Your Treatment

Dental fractures and large chips in tooth enamel can be the result of a variety of oral traumas. The location, size, and severity of the damage to the tooth enamel will determine the treatment plan that our dentist, Dr. Brent A. Spear will recommend. Other factors may include the current condition of the tooth as well… Read more »

Signs Your Wisdom Teeth are Coming In

Have you wondered if you have wisdom teeth? And how will you understand when it’s the right time to extract them? There are a few things you can take note of to tell if you have wisdom teeth, but to really understand them, you should consult a medical professional like Dr. . Try a couple… Read more »

With Proper Care, Your Dental Veneer Can Last for Years

Dental veneers are thin cosmetic shells that are attached to the outer surfaces of your front teeth to improve weakened and unattractive areas. There are many reasons our dentist may suggest dental veneers: lightening stains and discoloration, correcting crooked teeth, closing gaps between teeth, and more. Dental veneers require proper care to remain aesthetic, and… Read more »

The Origin of the Toothbrush

Have you ever wondered when and where toothbrushes were invented? Toothbrushes have an interesting history that goes back thousands of years. Dr. and our team are happy to share some fun toothbrush facts with you. the Egyptians and Babylonians used a twig with a frayed end to clean their teeth beginning around 3500 BC. In… Read more »

Got Fluoride Questions? We’re Happy to Help

Sometimes the dental world can be a bit confusing and complex, especially if you don’t know much about the treatments, techniques, and language provided and used. This can lead to many questions. Today, our dentist, Dr. , would like to clear any of that confusion by talking to you more about fluoride. So, if you… Read more »

Show Love to Your Toothbrush, Show Love for Your Smile

Take a look at your toothbrush. Do you take care of it? Your toothbrush is your key to a healthy smile, and it is important to care for it well. Toothbrushes only last for 3-4 months. If you have had yours longer than that, you need to replace it. But don’t worry! There are lots… Read more »

Grinding Your Teeth at Night Can Significantly Damage One of Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth at night can often be a side effect of untreated chronic stress. This condition, which is known as bruxism, can put your mouth at increased risk of damage and dysfunction. This might start with dental fractures and chips that are prone to tooth decay. The severity of the damage to the tooth… Read more »

Save Your Summer Smile by Stopping Bruxism Disorder

Could you be at risk for bruxism? Bruxism is a common disorder that occurs within your mouth and affects your teeth. Bruxism is also referred to as teeth grinding, and over time it can severely wear down your enamel and damage your teeth and gums. Save your summer smile by stopping bruxism disorder. To see… Read more »

Learning About Dental Crowns

Are you interested in learning more about dental crowns? If so, you have come to the right place! Dental crowns are used for many reasons in the world of dentistry. To help you understand more about dental crowns, our team here at in , , is happy to give you more information about them and… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Removal

You probably understand that there are many things you should do to keep your teeth healthy and strong. For instance, you may know that you should floss and brush regularly. You’ll also need to schedule regular dental appointments with us. Still, had you heard that many people have their wisdom teeth removed in order to… Read more »