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If you have recently had braces put on, or tightened, or are experiencing a tender mouth while recovering from oral surgery or medical treatment such as radiation therapy, you will want to take excellent care of yourself while you are healing.

If you are having trouble chewing or swallowing, you will want to make sure and cut your food into small pieces. Using a blender or food processor can help with this. You can use a small spoon while eating to ensure taking in smaller portions at a time. Cook your food until it is soft and tender. You can make sure it is moist by adding sauces, gravy or butter.

You will want to avoid food that might irritate the mouth, and choose food that will soothe and be gentle.

Foods to avoid:
–Raw vegetables that are crunchy like celery and carrots
–Dry, rough foods like granola, or toast and crackers
–Spicy or salty foods
–Tomatoes or tomato juice or other acidic fruit like oranges, grapefruits, lemons or limes

Foods to eat:
–Applesauce and bananas
–Puddings and gelatin
–Oatmeal and other cooked cereal
–Milkshakes and smoothies
–Pureed meats or vegetables
–Macaroni and cheese
–Mashed potatoes and noodles
–Scrambled eggs
–Yogurt and cottage cheese

In addition to watching what you eat, be careful what you drink as well. Drinks should not be icy or hot, and avoid acidic drinks that will irritate your mouth. But you also want to stay hydrated to avoid a condition called dry mouth, where saliva is reduced allowing plaque to build up. Water is an excellent choice for hydration, as it does not contribute to plaque production. It is also safe to sip throughout the day. Choose unsweetened herbal teas and beverages like milk or club soda.

Finally, continue to take care of your teeth and gums by brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and brushing gently. Rinse with warm water can also help if your mouth and gums are sore.

At the dental office of Dr. Brent Spear we wish you happy healing and are here to help if you have questions or concerns. To schedule an appointment you can reach us at 817.920.1488.