Grinding Your Teeth at Night Can Significantly Damage One of Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth at night can often be a side effect of untreated chronic stress. This condition, which is known as bruxism, can put your mouth at increased risk of damage and dysfunction. This might start with dental fractures and chips that are prone to tooth decay. The severity of the damage to the tooth enamel will largely influence the... read more »

Large Cavities Can Be Repaired with Inlays or Onlays

Sometimes even the most thorough oral hygiene regimen simply isn’t enough to prevent a cavity from forming on one of your teeth. Your regular dental checkup at Brent A. Spear, DDS is designed to detect any areas of tooth decay on your teeth. However, if you notice a problem area on one of your teeth in between dental checkups, you... read more »

Keeping Your New Bridge in Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

The new bridge fitted by Dr. Spear effectively restores the full function, structure and appearance of a missing tooth. Even though your new bridge is not subject to tooth decay, it will still need to be cleaned and maintained in your daily oral hygiene routine. Hardened tartar from residual food particles and plaque buildup will greatly increase your chances of... read more »

A Deeply Fractured or Cracked Tooth Might Need a Root Canal

The enamel layer of your teeth is composed of a microscopic mineral crystal structure that is very hard and durable. Unfortunately, there are still times when something like a fall or a blow to the face can cause a deep crack or fracture in the enamel layer of one your teeth. A sharp or persistent pain in a cracked or... read more »