Avoid Using These Things if You Want a Pristine and Healthy Smile

Your smile can help you do many things, like talk, eat, bite, laugh, and speak. However, that’s only the case if you take good care of it. Therefore, you need to make sure to avoid the damaging oral hygiene tools in the world today. A dental scaler is one of the only tools that can… Read more »

Occlusal Cavities Might Need to Be Repaired by an Inlay or Onlay Filling

The teeth in the back of your mouth are often called upon to do a significant amount of chewing and grinding. Deep textures, pits and fissures in the tooth enamel along the occlusal biting surfaces make these teeth more effective for the task at hand. Unfortunately, these areas can sometimes trap food particles and plaque,… Read more »

2016 Year in Review: Oral Health Care Quiz

Have you assessed your oral health care for the year in review? Would you give yourself a passing or failing grade for the effort you gave to protecting your teeth and gums? Even if you know that more could be done to improve your oral hygiene, do not despair as even the smallest of effort… Read more »

Repairing a Chipped Tooth is a Sound Preventative Measure Against Tooth Decay

Your tooth enamel has been designed to be strong enough to handle the daily wear and tear of biting and chewing food. Unfortunately, there are still times when a blow to the face or other activity can chip a tooth. This is even more likely to happen if you grind your teeth on a regular… Read more »

Dental Veneers: The New Hallmark of Great Smiles

What was once considered a great smile has, in modern times, been pushed further back into the pack. Even if you have spectacular oral hygiene and brush and floss as directed, you can still find yourself with a smile that lacks the dazzle of modern smiles. Teeth whitening treatments have raised the bar, but dental… Read more »

The 411 on Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants are a strong and reliable dental restoration that replaces your lost or missing teeth and goes deep into the bone giving support like a root of a tooth. It is a surgically placed product that gives you natural-looking results and makes eating, talking, and even singing easier. Dental implants can also be used… Read more »

An Injured Tongue Might Need Some Basic First Aid

Accidentally biting your tongue while chewing gum or eating a meal is often just par for the course. It rarely results in any serious injury. However, there are other times when a hard fall or a blow to the face can cause a serious tongue injury. In an extreme case, you could actually bite through… Read more »

A Loose Crown Is Always a Cause for Concern

When Dr. Brent A. Spears secures a temporary crown, it is only intended to protect the abutment within while the dental lab is preparing your new crown or bridge. It does not actually restore the full function of the tooth’s ability to bite off, chew or grind food. If the temporary crown comes loose, falls… Read more »

A Fluoride Treatment for Stronger Tooth Enamel

The enamel layer on your teeth is very hard and durable. It gets its strength from microscopic mineral crystals. When you consume acidic foods and drinks, it can deplete these mineral crystals by a minute amount. If this process of demineralization is compounded every day, it can weaken your tooth enamel, leading to issues with… Read more »

Large Cavities Can Be Repaired with Inlays or Onlays

Sometimes even the most thorough oral hygiene regimen simply isn’t enough to prevent a cavity from forming on one of your teeth. Your regular dental checkup at is designed to detect any areas of tooth decay on your teeth. However, if you notice a problem area on one of your teeth in between dental checkups,… Read more »