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Did you know that having a fear of the dentist is a lot more common than you may think? Nearly 20% of Americans completely avoid the dentist unless absolutely necessary. We’re going to give you some of the more common fears people have that surround the dentist and how you can overcome those fears.

Fear of the dental equipment: Let’s face it, when you visit the dentist all you are thinking about are all of the tools that are going to be used to torment your mouth right? This can be one of the scariest parts about a dental visit. You can help ease this fear by asking your dentist if you can hold the tools first, so they don’t seem as foreign to you.

Fear of drowning on saliva: This is a common anxiety patients have. Before your produce takes place, let the dentist or assistants know of your concern and ask them when you lift your hand to slip the saliva ejector in to clear out all the fluid. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t swallow, so let our team know when you come in.

Feeling uncomfortable lying back in the dentist chair: Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to think about lying back in a dentist’s chair. A remedy may be to only put the chair half-back so it’s more comfortable or consider bringing a pillow to make you more comfortable in the chair while the dentist is handling the procedure.

If you have a fear we haven’t addressed, please give us a call today at 817.920.1488. We want you to have an amazing experience here at the office of Dr. Brent Spear, so don’t hesitate to ask us any of your questions or concerns.