With Proper Care, Your Dental Veneer Can Last for Years

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Dental veneers are thin cosmetic shells that are attached to the outer surfaces of your front teeth to improve weakened and unattractive areas. There are many reasons our dentist may suggest dental veneers: lightening stains and discoloration, correcting crooked teeth, closing gaps between teeth, and more. Dental veneers require proper care to remain aesthetic, and our team at Brent A. Spear, DDS offers helpful instructions.

You should care for your dental veneers as you would a natural tooth by brushing and flossing every day. Brush with a non-abrasive toothpaste for at least two minutes at a time, twice a day, to clean your dental veneers without scratching them. Some patients experience tooth sensitivity after receiving dental veneers, and a sensitivity-reducing toothpaste may help.

Dental veneers can crack if you don’t use your teeth properly. Harmful habits include chewing on ice, pens, and your fingernails and using your teeth to open bottles. (As a general rule of thumb, abstain from any and all of these activities regardless of whether you have received dental veneers.) Limiting your intake of unhealthy drinks such as soda and alcohol can also prolong the life of your dental veneers. In the event that a dental veneer becomes damaged, you can visit Brent A. Spear, DDS for a replacement.

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