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When your crown was cemented in place it was intended to last for many years to come. While it is rather rare, it’s still not unheard of for something like a blow to the face, a hard fall or advanced gum disease to cause a crown to come out. If you have lost a crown you should call Dr. Spear immediately to have it addressed.

If for some reason you can’t reach Dr. Spear, there are a few things you can do to help manage the problem. If a fall or blow to the face loosened the crown and you have blood or debris in your mouth you can gently rinse the area with salt water. Any other cleaning that needs to be done should be left to Dr. Spear.

If the abutment broke off at the gum line you should see some or all of it inside the crown. In a situation like this, Dr. Spear will usually perform a root canal to restore enough structure to cement the crown back in place.

In some cases, chronic gum disease could have allowed bacteria to gain access to the seam where the crown is anchored to the abutment. In time this can cause the cement holding the crown in place to fail. If this is the case, you should still see the abutment sticking out from your gums. It will look like a small nub of tooth or dull gray metal. The crown itself should also be hollow. With a little luck Dr. Spear might be able to cement the crown back into place.

If you have lost a crown you should call Dr. Spear at 817.920.1488 to schedule an appointment.