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Everyone knows that they are supposed to floss their teeth once a day. However, some may wonder if using a water pick can be just as effective as flossing. Here we analyze the benefits of water picks and their role in dental health.

What Are Water Picks?

Water picks are also known as oral irrigators, dental water jets, and water flossers. This device sends a stream of water at your teeth to wash away food debris. This stream needs to be aimed between the teeth using a medium setting and warm water.

Can Water Picks Replace Flossing?

Those who don’t like flossing—whether it is because it feels uncomfortable on the gums or they struggle with dexterity—often feel that a water pick is an appropriate replacement. However, this is not the case.

While water picks can complement daily oral health routines, they should not replace flossing. This is because water picks cannot get rid of plaque. They can wash food debris from your mouth, but plaque can’t be rinsed away with water. Only a toothbrush and flossing gets rid of plaque.

However, this does not mean water picks aren’t worthwhile. They are helpful in cleaning the teeth of those with orthodontia or bridges. When done alongside brushing and flossing, water picks can help you maintain a clean, healthy smile.